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 1. I Need You Now  International Anthems For The Human Race  All Star United
 2. Sea Of Sorrow  Music Bank  Alice In Chains
 3. Sounds Like A Melody  Forever Young  Alphaville
 4. No Woman No Cry  Boney M. 2000 - 20th Century Hits  Boney M
 5. Gone Too Soon  Mtv Unplugged  Babyface
 6. Come As You Are  Affirmation  Beverley Knight
 7. Pity For A Dime  My Own Prison  Creed
 8. If You Asked Me To  All The Way: A Decade Of Song  Celine Dion
 9. What If I Can't Say No Again?  The Metropolitan Hotel  Chely Wright
 10. Between The Lines  Breakfast At The Circus  David Wilcox Canadian
 11. Stay Or Leave  Some Devil  Dave Matthews
 12. Coat Of Many Colors  The Best Of Dolly Parton, Vol. 2  Dolly Parton
 13. Take Me To The River  Live At Blues Alley  Eva Cassidy
 14. Dislocated  Soundtrack To A Headrush  Emanuel
 15. I Want To Vanish  Extreme Honey-very Best Of The Warner Brothers Years  Elvis Costello
 16. Face The Fear  Inside Out  Fates Warning
 17. Sweethearts Or Strangers  Sweethearts Or Strangers  Faron Young
 18. Getto Star  In The Line Of Fire  Fatal
 19. Robbery, Assault & Battery  Seconds Out  Genesis
 20. Summers Of My Life  The Gist Of The Gemini  Gino Vanelli
 21. You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody  Lead On  George Strait
 22. Courante  Awaking Of Centuries  Haggard
 23. Talking To Strangers  Blow  Heather Nova
 24. Heretic  Crucible  Halford Rob Halford
 25. Rasta A Ancient Lovers  Beauty And The Lion  Ijahman Levi
 26. Where Love Shines  Who Needs Love  Incognito
 27. Check Your Heart  7th Deadly Sin  Ice T
 28. Amarte Es Todo  Como Ama Una Mujer  Jennifer Lopez
 29. Hurts So Good  Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits  John Mellencamp
 30. Waiting For You  No Ordinary Girl  Jordan Pruitt
 31. Sailed To Far  Pulled Over  Kut U Up
 32. Working Man  Black Like Sunday  King's X
 33. Why Falling  Run Around  Krezip
 34. Intro  Upon The Right, I Saw A New Misery  Love Lost But Not Forgotten
 35. How Long Will It Take  Fist City  Loretta Lynn
 36. Power Of Love / Love Power  One Night With You: The Best Of Love, Vol. 2  Luther Vandross
 37. Pennsylvania  Everyday Behavior  Melee
 38. Just Rock N Roll  Save The World, Lose The Girl  Midtown
 39. Right Back At You (freestyle)  Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape (main Disc)  Mobb Deep
 40. When I Was A Young Girl  Folksy Nina  Nina Simone
 41. Cast Down  Tipping The Scales  No Innocent Victim
 42. Hardcore 84  Regaining Unconsciousness  Nofx
 43. Redeemed  Renewal  Oblivion
 44. Face Of Melinda  Still Life  Opeth
 45. Abstract Thoughts  Deceitful Melodies  Odes Of Ecstasy
 46. Black Eyed  Black Market Music  Placebo
 47. May You Never Be Alone  Confessions Of A Broken Man  Porter Wagoner
 48. Enemy Of The State  A War Story  Psycho Realm
 49. Absolution (element Of The Ensemble Iii)  Day Into Night  Quovadis Canada
 50. I Am I  Greatest Hits  Queensryche
 51. Everybody Ruins  Different Damage  Qand Not U
 52. All Girls Cheat  Blue Collar  Rhymefest
 53. Knock Me Down  Best Of Red Hot Chili Peppers  Red Hot Chili Peppers
 54. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out  Out Of Order  Rod Stewart
 55. Personal Space Invader  14:59  Sugar Ray
 56. Steve's Last Ramble  Transcendental Blues  Steve Earle
 57. Pacific Coast Highway  Sister  Sonic Youth
 58. Www.girl  Toy Ride  Toy Box
 59. Cheetah Sisters (barcelona Mix)  The Cheetah Girls 2  The Cheetah Girls
 60. Tonight  Famous Among The Barns  The Ben Taylor Band
 61. Towards The Emptiness  Symphony I: Deep Dark Red  Untildeath Overtakes Me
 62. Shadows And Tall Trees  Boy  U2
 63. 40  Under A Blood Red Sky  U2
 64. Together Or Seperate  Sophomore Jinx  Visionaries
 65. Mastermind  Welcome To The Ball  Vicious Rumors
 66. Whatever Happened To Pj Proby?  Down The Road  Van Morrison
 67. Say It To My Face  Full Circle  Xzibit
 68. Poppin' Off  Full Circle  Xzibit
 69. Shake You Donkey Up  The Big Express  Xtc
 70. Hide And Seek  Demo  Yourbest Friend
 71. Future Times  Tormato  Yes
 72. Let's Get It / Sky's The Limit  Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101  Young Jeezy
 73. Bring You Down To Hell  Tunes Of Steel  Zonata
 74. Jagoff  Waste Of Mind  Zebrahead
 75. Senza Una Donna  The Best Of Zucchero: Sugar Fornaciari's Greatest Hits  Zucchero
 76. Fishwater  Another Joyous Occasion  Widespread Panic
 77. We Had It All  Honky Tonk Heroes  Waylon Jennings
 78. Scared To Death  Still Not Black Enough  W.a.s.p.

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