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Versuri Ball Of Hate

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Versuri 28 Days Ball Of Hate - versurile melodiei (melodia)
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Cantaret: 28 Days versuri
Melodie: Ball Of Hate versuri
Album: 28 Days versuri melodii

inside you is you heart
as also is a ball of hatred
you struggle within
dont let that hatred swallow you whole
cause darkness is all you see
you use it as a foundation of strength
but in fact its what makes you weak
you are so much more
than that ball of hate
{but it's all that you'll let us see}
we won't tear you apart
we're you're ****ing friends
mrcio?h. ,,?ccpo
but I won't take the fall
just to save your ball of bitter hatred
it's your call now it's up to you
what will you do?
I know you can be yourself
again closer to the kid I knew
you can be you it's not that hard to do
if you trust in us like I said
we won't tear you apart
it's up to you to make a start

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