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Versuri Camper Van Beethoven

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Versuri Camper Van Beethoven - albumele si melodiile lui Camper Van Beethoven

Cantaret: Camper Van Beethoven versuri



     (don't Ya Go To) Goleta
     (we're A) Bad Trip
     Bad Trip
     Eye Of Fatima
     I Don´t See You
     I'm Not Like Everybody Else
     Joe Stalin's Cadillac
     No More
     Sad Lover's Waltz
     We Saw Jerry's Daughter

Camper Van Beethoven

     Good Guys And Bad Guys
     Hoe Yourself Down
     Interstellar Overdrive
     Lulu Land
     Peace And Love
     Shut Us Down
     Stairway To Heavan [sic]
     Still Wishing To Course
     Surprise Truck
     The History Of Utah
     Une Fois
     We Love You

Camper Vantiquities

     (we Workers Do Not Understand) Modern Art
     A.c. Cover
     Crossing Over
     Guardian Angels
     Ice Cream Everyday
     Never Go Back
     Porpoise Mouth
     Seven Languages
     Six More Miles To The Graveyard
     We Eat Your Children

Ii & Iii

     Cattle (reversed)
     Chain Of Circumstance
     Cowboys From Hollywood
     Down And Out
     Form Another Stone
     Four Year Plan
     I Love Her All The Time
     No Flies On Us
     No Kurgerrands For David
     No More Bullshit
     Zz Top Goes To Egypt

Key Lime Pie

     (i Was Born In A) Laundromat
     All Her Favorite Fruit
     Come On Darkness
     Jack Ruby
     Opening Theme
     Pictures Of Matchstick Men
     The Humid Press Of Days
     The Light From A Cake
     When I Win The Lottery

Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart

     Change Your Mind
     Eye Of Fatima (pt. 1)
     Eye Of Fatima (pt. 2)
     Life Is Grand
     My Path Belated
     Never Go Back
     One Of These Days
     She Divines Water
     The Fool
     Turquoise Jewelry

Telephone Free Landslide Victory

     9 Of Disks
     Ambiguity Song
     Balalaika Gap
     Border Ska
     Mao Reminisces About His Days In Southern China
     Oh No!
     Opi Rides Again - Club Med Sucks
     Payed Vacation: Greece
     Skinhead Stomp
     Take The Skinheads Bowling
     The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon
     Where The Hell Is Bill?
     Yanqui Go Home
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