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Versuri Emulate Ft. Obie Trice

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Versuri Eminem Emulate Ft. Obie Trice - versurile melodiei (melodia)
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Cantaret: Eminem versuri
Melodie: Emulate Ft. Obie Trice versuri
Album: Other versuri melodii
{Verse 1- Obie Trice}
Obie the person who came up inverted
Cause of nervousness, that was soley the only verdict
It was worth it cause he changed, became so observant
Certain such of a purpose, if you knew him earlier
From the days its like a different version
So much hurtin' and pain, gave him game for certain
That's why its curtains and its murder if you get him worked up
I'm so assertive on these motha****as actin' tougher
Had enough of isolatin' myself in the room
Writin' poems and songs doin' the same at school
Now look what he became a fool
Cause he learned how to sustain his two
And noctain fame from you
Livin' hard but still Julliard, a God walks
And ain't spent a day in the pew
Reguardless of this, I draw visuals pictures when a ** vents
So welcome to the art department

{Verse 2- Eminem}
I stimulate the brain, mimic emulate the sane
Cynics keep on thinkin' its a ****in' gimmick when it ain't
Clinically insane, brain is on Venus, suck Uranus
Label me a genius, if you ever seen us you would say
He may seem as though he's plain normal
If you ever meet him, greet with a shake
See he ain't as mean as what they say
See the thing is maybe he can't always think of things to say
So he's vague, so they mistake for just being crazed
You part ways, your impression will have changed
You don't think he's strange, you'll turn around and tell him peace and thanks
And catch him flippin' you off with his pants off, hands around his scrotum
Tuckin' his ****in' penis between his legs
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