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Versuri Tonight 140

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Versuri Jack Anthony Tonight 140 - versurile melodiei (melodia)
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Cantaret: Jack Anthony versuri
Melodie: Tonight 140 versuri
Album: Spirits And The Scattered Screen versuri melodii
This time its out of my hands
this time I'm totally out of hand
I'll let you know when I'm back
I'll take you back when you know how I
managed to come back alive
with just a scar on my face
when you look me in the eye
but you just look away

Well I don't think there's a common solution
for the pain I need you to feel
no one cares enough to take the blame
the shame will still remain
cause all you ever really cared about was you
so I want you to know
everything we hoped for's on the line
fp,fcrkjlpr ,,d,
tonight, the worst night of my life
tonight, the last night of our lives

You used to keep me in line
now you keep me in line to use
and it was good for a while
it was good to know why I was
but it was all just a lie
which is ironic to me
I like the view from this side
but I still gotta leave

Its show time so please take the stage
my spotlight follows you everywhere
I apologize if you find its too bright
I stole your thunder, its no wonder
showbiz gives you a chance to care
so go on, knock 'em dead
the house is sold out tonight

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