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  The Beu Sister
  The Beu Sisters
  The Bible
  The Bicycle Thief
  The Big O
  The Big Three Trio
  The Bird And The Bee
  The Birthday Massacre
  The Birthday Party
  The Bitter Fall
  The Black And White City
  The Black Crowes
  The Black Keys
  The Black League
  The Black List Club
  The Black Mages
  The Black Maria
  The Black Sorrows
  The Blackbox Within
  The Blamed
  The Blank Theory
  The Blasters
  The Bled
  The Bleeders
  The Blind Boys Of Alabama
  The Blinding Light
  The Blockheads
  The Blood Brothers
  The Blow
  The Blue Cafe
  The Blue Dogs
  The Blue Hearts
  The Blue Nile
  The Blue Season
  The Blues Brothers
  The Blues Magoos
  The Bob Knight Four
  The Bolshoi
  The Bolton Brothers
  The Bones
  The Bonzo Dog Band
  The Boo Radleys
  The Boom
  The Boom Boom Chicks
  The Boomers
  The Boondocks
  The Borderline
  The Bosshoss
  The Bothy Band
  The Bouncing Souls
  The Box Tops
  The Boxer Rebellion
  The Boy And His Machine
  The Boy Least Likely To
  The Boys Next Door
  The Brat Attack
  The Brats
  The Brave
  The Bravery
  The Braxtons
  The Breakup
  The Breeders
  The Bridge To Paradise
  The Briefs
  The Briggs
  The Brilliant Green
  The Broadways
  The Broken Remotes
  The Bronx
  The Brothers Four
  The Browns
  The Bruisers
  The Buckaroos
  The Buckinghams
  The Buddy System
  The Buffalo Springfield
  The Buffies
  The Buffseeds
  The Bullys
  The Bunny Complex
  The Burning Balance
  The Busboys
  The Business
  The Busters
  The Butchies
  The Butterfly Effect
  The Buzz Klub
  The Buzzcocks
  The Buzzhorn
  The Byrds
  The Cable Car Theory
  The Cadets
  The Cadillacs
  The Caffiends
  The Cake Sale
  The Call
  The Callbacks
  The Calling
  The Candy Skins
  The Candy Spooky Theater
  The Capitols
  The Capricorns
  The Captain And Tenille
  The Cardigans
  The Carefrees
  The Carpenters
  The Cars
  The Carter Family
  The Cascades
  The Casket Lottery
  The Castaways
  The Casuals
  The Casualties
  The Cat Empire
  The Catherine Wheel
  The Caucus Race
  The Chalets
  The Chameleons
  The Chantels
  The Chantina
  The Chantrellines
  The Chariot
  The Charlatans
  The Charlie Daniels Band
  The Cheeky Girls
  The Cheetah
  The Cheetah Girls
  The Chemical Brothers
  The Cherry Bomb
  The Chevelles
  The Chi-lites
  The Chimes
  The Chiodos Bros
  The Chiodos Bros.
  The Choir
  The Chords
  The Christians
  The Church
  The Churchills
  The City Drive
  The Ckrodgy
  The Clark Sisters
  The Clarks
  The Clash
  The Classic Crime
  The Cleftones
  The Click
  The Click Five
  The Clientele
  The Cliffords
  The Clipse
  The Close I Get
  The Cloud Room
  The Cloves
  The Cmc s
  The Coasters
  The Code
  The College Life
  The Color Green
  The Color Red
  The Comeback Kid
  The Commitments
  The Commodores
  The Comsat Angels
  The Concretes
  The Conells
  The Connells
  The Contes
  The Contingency Plan
  The Cookies
  The Cooper Temple Clause
  The Cootees
  The Coral
  The Coral Sea
  The Corbans
  The Corrs
  The County Medical Examiners
  The Coup
  The Cover Girls
  The Cowsills
  The Cramps
  The Cranberries
  The Cranes
  The Crash
  The Creatures
  The Crest
  The Crests
  The Cribs
  The Crimea
  The Crimmers
  The Crocketts
  The Cross
  The Crucified
  The Cruel Sea
  The Crypt Of Hades
  The Crystal Method
  The Crystalline Effect
  The Crystals
  The Crüxshadows
  The Cult
  The Cumshots
  The Cure
  The Czars
  The D O C
  The D.o.c.
  The D4
  The Damage Manual
  The Damned
  The Damning Well
  The Dandy Warhols
  The Darkest Of The Hillside Thickets
  The Darkness
  The Datsuns
  The Davey Brothers
  The Dead Milkmen
  The Deadlights
  The Deal
  The Dear Hunter
  The Dears
  The December Drive
  The Decemberists
  The Deduction
  The Defaced
  The Degenerates
  The Del Mccoury Band
  The Del Vikings
  The Delgados
  The Delivery
  The Demise Of The 5th Sun
  The Denders
  The Departure
  The Desert Rose Band
  The Dethroners
  The Deuce Project
  The Devlins
  The Diableros
  The Diamonds
  The Dickies
  The Dictators
  The Dilettantes
  The Dillards
  The Din Pedals
  The Dingees
  The Diplomats
  The Dirty Blue
  The Dirty Hepburns
  The Dirty Three
  The Disco Boys
  The Dissociatives
  The Dissociatives (tradução)
  The Distillers
  The Ditty Bops
  The Divine Comedy
  The Division Group
  The Don Bishop Agallah
  The Donnas
  The Dooleys
  The Doomsday Machine
  The Doors
  The Dove Shack
  The Draft
  The Dream
  The Dream (tradução)
  The Dream Academy
  The Dream Weavers
  The Dreaming
  The Dreamsower
  The Dresden Dolls
  The Drifters
  The Drive
  The Dropps
  The Drowners
  The Dubs
  The Ducky Boys
  The Dude
  The Duhks
  The Duke Spirit
  The Duprees
  The Durutti Column
  The Duskfall
  The Dwarves Rebellion
  The Eames Era
  The Earls
  The Early November
  The Ebonys
  The Echoing Green
  The Edsels
  The Effects
  The Egg
  The El Dorados
  The Elected
  The Elegants
  The Elliot Project
  The Elms
  The Elves
  The Empire
  The Empire (tradução)
  The End
  The End Of Julia
  The Ending
  The Engine Room
  The English Beat
  The Epoxies
  The Equals
  The Ernies
  The Escalation Of Self
  The Escape Club
  The Ethiopians
  The Evan Anthem
  The Evens
  The Everly Brothers
  The Exies
  The Exit
  The Expelled
  The Exploited
  The Explosion
  The Exponents
  The Eye
  The Eyeliners
  The F Ups
  The F-ups
  The Fables
  The Fabulous Freebirds
  The Fabulous Thunderbirds
  The Fabulous Trobadors
  The Faders
  The Fags
  The Faint
  The Fake
  The Falcon
  The Fall
  The Fall And Rise Of Vitality
  The Fall Man
  The Fall Of Man (tradução)
  The Fall Of Troy
  The Fallout Theory
  The Fallout Trust
  The Family
  The Far Eastern Love
  The Fatima Mansions
  The Faulty
  The Fauves
  The Feelies
  The Feeling
  The Feitos
  The Fever
  The Fevers
  The Fiery Furnaces
  The Fifth Season
  The Fight
  The Fight (punk)
  The Fight Punk
  The Film
  The Final Conflict I
  The Final Conflict I (tradução)
  The Final Conflict Ii
  The Final Conflict Ii (tradução)
  The Finals
  The Finn Brothers
  The Fire Still Burns
  The Fire Theft
  The Firm
  The First Seal (tradução)
  The Firstborn
  The Five O clock Heroes
  The Five Satins
  The Flame
  The Flame (tradução)
  The Flamingos
  The Flanders
  The Flatliners
  The Flipsides
  The Flir
  The Floaters
  The Flower Kings
  The Flowerpot Men
  The Flying Burrito Brothers
  The Flying Lizards
  The Flying Postmen
  The Flys
  The Fofolete s Rock
  The Foghat
  The Fold
  The Fools
  The Forecast
  The Forgotten
  The Format
  The Forsaken
  The Four Aces
  The Four Aces Featuring Al Alberts
  The Four Blazers
  The Four Blazes
  The Four Coins
  The Four Freshmen
  The Four Lads
  The Four Seasons
  The Four Tops
  The Fourmost
  The Fourth Hate
  The Frames
  The Frantics
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